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Dieses Projekt wurde mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Kommission finanziert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung (Mitteilung) trägt allein der Verfasser; die Kommission haftet nicht für die weitere Verwendung der darin enthaltenen Angaben. 

A new project in the frame of Erasmus+ program: Adult Education program – Exchange of good practices

ICT – a tool for environment

The world has found itself in a global ecological crisis caused by thoughtless and greedy consumption of the environment and nature. Blinded only by the apparent wealth and comfort of life, we have forgotten that there are limits to endurance, limits that must not be exceeded. But in order not to exceed them, one must have knowledge, and it must be ecological knowledge, which must be easily accessible to everyone, including through information and computer technology (ICT).

Project entitled “ICT –a tool for environment” is a joint initiative of partnership established between NGOs from Poland – AgriNatura Foundation (agrinatura.pl), Hungary – Védegylet Egyesület (www.védegylet.hu), Moldova – ProEntrense (proentranse.md) and Germany – LuXX (luxx.earth).

Waste is one of the most important and difficult environmental problems. Regardless of better or worse management systems – garbage has become a problem that we have to deal with every day. Will we control him? Can transnational mechanisms be built? Does every citizen know that individual decisions affect the amount of rubbish?

Our partnership will try to answer these and other questions. And thanks to the exchange of knowledge, experience, learning the best examples, it will develop educational content adequate to the needs of each country, which will supplement the knowledge of educators / trainers transferred to the target group – local communities in the partner countries.

The final results of the project will be two Guidebooks: “Garbage is a personal factor – choices and decisions to minimize / segregate – ICT tool for monitoring waste” and “Garbage is an economic / political / social factor – ICT as a tool for participation in public life”, and educational video about the benefits of composting and a database of best practices.

The partners planned the duration of the project for 22 months from December 1, 2020 to October 31, 2022.

Information on the partners’ cooperation and the results will be posted on the partners’ websites and in social media and will be available to all interested parties.

A new project in the frame of Erasmus+ program: Adult Education program – Exchange of good practices



Fundacja AgriNatura from Poland

AgriNatura was established in 2007. The headquarterToday the headquarters are located in an organic farm in North-East Poland, 120 km from Warsaw. The
farm includes a young orchard of 400 trees of old varieties of apples, pears and plums and a vegetable garden.

The main goals of AgriNatura are:

  • The sustainable development of the polish countryside, with special focus on the conservation and growth of genetic resources and agricultural biodiversity,
  • The development and spread of organic and biodynamic farming methods, as well as the development of local food processing for organic and agricultural biodiversity products.
  • Protecting the environment , animals and the natural and cultural heritage in rural areas

  • Building civil society, supporting democracy development and local communities empowerement in rural areas

This aims will be achieved through activities like:

  • inspiring local communities to undertake actions helping to conserve agricultural biodiversity by making it profitable (organic farming, local food-processing and traditional food products, agro and ecotourism),
  • introducing eco-friendly innovative technologies to rural areas and small farms,
  • raising awareness among local communities and rural areas inhabitants about organic farming, biodynamic farming, agricultural biodiversity, animal welfare and natural heritage,
  • introducing organic farming to official teaching programs in agriculture schools, leading various forms of education
  • protecting consumers health and promote healthy ways of living among rural inhabitants,
  • developing sustainable forms of tourism, ecotourism and other environmentally sustainable economic activities that will profit the local communities
  • national, european and international cooperation with similar organizations and bodies in the above mentioned topics

The website of AgriNatura can be found here.

ProEntranse from Moldova

ProEntranse is a non-governmental organization, nonprofit, that offers support in developing a successful business for entrepreneurs, offering consulting, counseling and trainings.

ProEntranse is a support and training unit that provides analysis, expertise and guidance services for both the agricultural and industrial business environment. A separate area of ProEntranse activity is assistance in the development of rural areas, including involving local public authorities.

The website of ProEntranse can be found here.

Védegylet from Hungary

Logo Védegylet

“Driven by concern for the future of their descendants, our earthly home
and their country, in March 2000 they formed a civil ecopolitical organisation called the Conservation Association.
The aim of Védegylet is to preserve natural and cultural diversity, to  strengthen the sense of responsibility for our environment, and to create the conditions for a better quality of life for all inhabitants of Hungary.

Their task is to represent the principles of ecological policy in public:

  • to inform public opinion
  • to convince decision-makers
  • and to represent the interests of future generations.

They create local chapters and support initiatives to protect life with human dignity.

“We are not seeking to build a formal organisation, but to attract active contributors to our multi-faceted work.”

The website of Védegylet can be found here.

LuXX e.V. from Germany