About us

LuXX e.V. was founded in 2000 by a creative team of environmental educators/consultants, biologists, engineers, building biologists and IT specialists. Originally to motivate people, as well as communities to use regenerative forms of energy and save energy.

It was particularly important to make difficult sustainability issues understandable to a broad audience; company-neutral and practice-oriented.

With a mobile information platform including a solar demonstration system, the “Solar-Info-Mobil” – developed and implemented by luXX e.V. – information (for free) on the use of renewable energies were provided at district festivals, trade fairs and other events, mainly in and around Munich, from 2002 – 2010. This project was funded from the start by the Department for Environment and Health of the City of Munich.

Meanwhile the focus expanded and includes also relevant issues concerning climate change, such as resource/energy-saving through waste management.
After all: “For more than 80% of the Germans separating waste to protect the climate is important respectively very important (online-survey DSD 2020).”